Headline Entertainment


Sam loves comedy so much he once helped a chicken cross the road. He’s built a life out of bringing audiences together, having fun with them, and making people smile wherever he goes. He fell in love with performing years ago after already becoming one of the top jugglers in the world. This appreciation for skill, with years of stand-up comedy experience have blended together to become a show that’s unique, incredibly impressive and most of all engaging. His indoor show is sure to be a hit at any event, whether it’s an office party, corporate gala, or college campus, Sam knows you want to hire the best person for your event. Whether it’s with his smile or his skills, Sam is sure to leave anyone and everyone impressed. You get more than a show, you get a human experience that you’ll always cherish.


Sam is a natural public speaker. Years of performing comedy have made him great at being the bridge between an audience and an organizer. Hire Sam to be the Emcee of your next event and relax knowing it’s in the hands of a true professional


Sam is a seasoned entertainer, with experience in street fairs and busking festivals across the globe, ensuring his outdoor comedy show is engaging to everyone. He loves performing and making people laugh all the time, because he believes laughter is something that can unify people from all walks of life. Audience participation, quick witted improv skills, and even fire and knife juggling make for more than a show, but an experience that will be remembered by all. Sam makes sure his audiences don’t just get a show, they make a friend.
Sam’s show is fun, his smile is infectious, and his skills are remarkable. He will have you in awe from beginning to end and will make you laugh while he does it.